Kings Assessment
July 6-8, 2018


Come join us in the verdant valley of Black Diamond in the mountains of Atlantia for a weekend honing and polishing our skills for the war in the Debatable lands of Pennsic. Combat scenarios will be based on Pennsic war point battles and led by our Warlords. All other activites will be geared toward puting our best feet forward at Pennsic.


Come help us shake off winter's frost.



12:00pm - Site opens
6:00pm - Troll opens


8:00am - Troll opens
9:00am - MoL and Authorizations, Black Market Opens, A&S opens
10:00am - Fighting starts, Blacksword tourney, Archery opens
10:30am - Rapier: Town battle
11:00am - Dancing starts
12:00pm - Rapier: Field battle
12:00-1:00pm - LUNCH 1:00pm - Troll closes
1:30pm - Rapier: Defend the Queens Flags battle
2:00pm - Bardic
4:00pm - Fighting field closes, Archery closes
5:00pm - Court
6:00pm - Feast
After feast - Bardic and Dancing


12:00pm - Site closes

Martial Activities

Armored, rapier, combat archery, seige and youth combat are all planned for the day. Scenarios are planned to follow those for Pennsic.


No times set at this point, but...
- town
- bridge
- field
- ravine battle
will happen during the hottest part of the day.


10:00am - Blacksword
10:30(ish) am - 30 - 45 minute Town battle
12:00pm - Field battle 3 - 5 rounds
1:30am - Defend the Queens Flags - Defenders must prevent 2 flags from being flipped in a defensive structure with only 2 resurrections. Attackers get unlimited. Side that holds the longest wins.

Arts & Sciences Activities

Baronial Champion:
Their Excellencies Evelynn and Stefan, do call forth the artistically and scientifically talented of Their Populace to compete for the honor of representing the Barony throughout the Kingdom. This task is not as daunting as it may sound. For details of service, please ask the Baron and Baroness. Simply bring a display of your talents, (documentation not required but welcomed) to the event A&S display area.

Popular Vote Heraldry competition:
IF you can put heraldry on it, it can be entered here. Bring your best work in heraldry.
11:00am - Populace voting opens and closes at 3:00pm.

The performing arts (dancing, bardic) will be scheduled through out the day as well as an open display.


Once again, Lord Serafino of Black Diamond will prepare our evening meal, a sumptuous
summer Italian feast. More details on this Italian meal as the event gets nearer.

Bread and cheese appetizer
Chicken course
Fish course

For allergy and other dietary concerns, please contact him at


Baroness Juliana Grene
Event Autocrat

Julie Foster
1912 Izaak Walton Road
Madison Heights, VA 24572
(540) 960-0999

Lady Zarra De La Vega

Elizabeth Beazley
101 Shepherd Farm Lane
Monroe, VA 24574

Caillan Ruffio

Charlie Holt
(434) 841-1169
Please, text first or contact by
Facebook (Charles Ray Holt Jr).

Lady Meriorie Matheson
A&S Coordinator

Shayna Wooldridge
(434) 426-2147 (text message)

Master Aldemere Mac Rafe
Listfield coordinator

Allen Foster

Lord Serafino of Black Diamond
Head Cook

Chris Guzek


Merchant space is spacious and free. Please contact the autocrat for space requests.
Sultry Treasures will be there along with the Black Market.
Will you be there?


  Site Fee Camping (per tent) Feast
Adult $15 $10 $10
Adult, Member Discount $10 $10 $10
Youth (7-16) $5 $0 $10
Child (0-6) $0 $0 $5

Please make checks payable to: SCA, Inc., Barony of Black Diamond.
Questions about your reservation? Please, contact Zarra De La Vega (Elizabeth Beazley)

Elizabeth Beazley
101 Shepherd Farm Lane
Monroe, VA 24574



Sedalia Center
1108 Sedalia School Road
Big Island, VA 24526

Site opens noon Friday, closes noon Sunday

All animals must be on a leash and cleaned up after.
No animals in the buildings.
All fires must be in above-ground fire pits.
Site is wet.


From Lynchburg
From the north side: Travel north on Route 501 through Coleman Falls to Big Island. Turn left onto Route 122. Travel south for 6.3 mil
From the south side: Travel west on Route 460 toward Bedford/Roanoke. Exit onto Route 122N at Bedford. Travel north (toward Big Island) for approximately 11.5 miles. Turn left at the Sedalia Country Store onto Route 638 (Sedalia School Road). Sedalia Center is on the left side.

From Bedford
Travel north (toward Big Island) on Route 122 for 11.5 miles. Turn left at the Sedalia Country Store onto Route 638 (Sedalia School Road). The Center is 500 yards further on the left.

From Charlottesville
Travel south on Route 29 out of Charlottesville toward Lynchburg. Remain on Route 29 into Madison Heights and turn right onto Route 130. Travel west on Rout 130 to the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance. Turn right onto the exit ramp, then left onto the Parkway. Follow the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Big Island exit. Turn left onto the exit ramp, then right onto Route 501. Follow Route 501 approximately 5 miles and then turn right onto Route 122 and travel south approximately 6.3 miles to Sedalia School Road. Turn right onto Sedalia School Road; the Center will be 500 yards further on your left.

From West Virginia
Travel east on Route 64 to Route 81. Follow 81 south to exit 188A at Buena Vista. Take exit 188A, which becomes Route 60. Follow Route 60 east into Buena Vista. Turn right onto Route 501. Travel Route 501 south, cross the James River and then proceed into Big Island. Turn right onto Route 122 and travel south on Route 122 for 6.3 miles to Sedalia School Road. Turn right onto Sedalia School Road, the Center is 500 yards further on the left side.

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